Sunday, 18 August 2019

A spark of joy

Today I saw the picture of an old friend and my heart melted. Not a human friend. Was a dog I rescued years ago, when he lost a leg because an accident in the shelter he lived that time. Seeing his happy eyes again brought tears in my eyes and a biiiig smile on my face. He is still looking for adoption, but he looks well,  same cute face, as I knew him when he was in my care. Was a great surprise for my heart…. Sometimes God gives us unexpected spark of joy, to let go the bad things and remember the ones that made us happy. I am grateful for this gift.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Bloggers or advertising merchants ?

I have read recently some “interesting” statements of some Romanian bloggers… One of them, long time blogger, for more than 10 years, said that ( she/ he , I do not want to be specific), began the blog because (she/he) had a boring job and wanted to write about thing but did not have where….Everything logic till here…but how comes, after years, that the blog which was born from the desire to write, became so commercial that everything there is about advertising food, places and so on?! Ok, it is understandable that most bloggers start a blog for money but must be there a spark of soul left…. Otherwise, it will be like a journalist who would write only if the subject pays them…. this is unacceptable. Continuing in the same “point of view”, other Romanian blogger, also with years behind, said very clearly that (he/she) should make some money with blog, at least for a coffee, inviting readers to “help” in this direction. I see this kind of sad…
Now, moving to another idea, how it comes that the most popular bloggers, English writers, who earn even 80.000 dollars per months are the ones who explain how to become a blogger, a successful one?! If you read their contents, the whole ideas are the same, the books they wrote and sell have the same topic… How did they start? What did they write when they where not commercial?! Just wondering….
As I said in another article written a while ago, this blog will not ”play” by the rules. And I decided this by my own experience. I had another blog, which was born from the same desire to express myself but, on the way, the commercial things got me. And, not long, I realize that I cannot write what I want, how I want, when I want, I was just an employee to all that advertisers… And I closed that blog.

Friday, 16 August 2019

The best gift

The best gift from God, that we usually take it for granted, is health. If we are not healthy, nothing in this life has any taste. We can have plenty of money, we will use it to search a cure. We can have a great family around, we will feel as a burden for them and choose to stay alone, better. And, perhaps, one day we got cured. But nothing will be as it was. There will be a constant fear that the illness is still around or can come back, or our body lost its immunity and we are vulnerable to…. everything. And, most of all, there will the question” why” in our mind…why me, why now, why ….
We must value our health most of everything, because without it, the world we know will disappear.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019


Did you ever wished to be able to change things from your past? Like decisions you made, actions you took, and draw another way your life to flow? I wished. Then, a younger and wiser person than me told me that, if anything would be changed the whole “film” would be different. I guess this is right…but, how to get off the regrets?! Seeing now, with my wisdom from this moment, how many wrong decisions I made, how to find the peace of mind? Can say that was life experience…was it? We build tomorrow by our today actions. We built today by our past actions. Maybe being happy with what we have today, can forgive the mistakes of the past. Maybe.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Just life

I was fortunate to be among educated people, with respect, moral values and culture. I did not realize this till the life dropped me among the opposite….

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Amazing from the sky

 How great the creation is ! The greater is the Creator !
Nothing compares with nature's beauty

Sunday, 1 October 2017

I do not write by the rules here

This blog is Mine, meaning I will write there what I feel, long or short articles, thoughts, ideas and opinions. I will not go “by the rules”, to make it suitable for earnings. It is mine, as a place where I can express myself. Sure, I am happy if there will be people who emphasize with what I write, sure I am happy if there will be subscribers, but this only means that the content reaches other hearts, not because the promotion motors chose the blog as suitable.
 I think everyone needs a way to “empty” their soul, to express themselves in a way or another. It is for mind and soul health.